Today DLJM is meeting the growing demands of the market with an impressive of range high quality plastic products.

The company manufactures premium quality plastic moulded components which are used in various sectors like automotive, engineering and consumer durables sector. The components are manufactured as per demands and specifications provided by different companies and are in conformity with international standards.

DLJM strives hard for optimum customer satisfaction by constantly upgrading its product range.

Automotive Parts
pcp australia
Post August 2011, DLJM has made a joint venture with SEKISUI TECHNO MOLDING CO., LTD. Japan for all automotive business
From aesthetic to functional, from outer parts exposed to harsh environs to pleasing interiors, from engine and transmission parts exposed to heat and water, to chrome grilles enhancing the value of automobile, we make a wide variety of auto parts for Two-Wheelers and Four-Wheelers.
Exterior : Head Lamp Bezels, Engine Grilles, Body Skin Parts & Garnishes, Handle Assemblies, Logos, Fenders, Fender Linings, Mud Flaps, Side Covers, Front Fenders, Cover Tail, Handle Seat and other Parts.
Interior : Dashboard Trims & Components, Ash Trays, Window Trims, Door Trim parts, Arm rests, I/S Handles, Window Regulators.
Functional : Instrument Panel Cluster, Meter Covers, Engine Covers, Engine Plugs, Chain Guides, Oil Tank Assy, Washer Bottle Assembly, Cooling Bottle Assy, Air Filter Assy, Air-conditioner and Blower parts.
Aesthetical : Lens Covers, Chrome Covers, Decorative items.
Precision Parts : Gears, Clips, Knobs, Scale Fingers.
Appliances Parts
Different grades of plastics in different finishes are required by the consumer durables foe white goods industry covering Televisions, Refrigerators, Washing Machine, DVD players etc. We assist the leading manufactures by meeting the high volume of value added parts and assemblies. These are supplied in more than a dozen colours for each part with minimum inventory at either end.
Washing Machine : Pulsators, covers, Drain Valve Assy, Detergent Box, Filters
Television : Painted, Assembled and tested Cabinet Assemblies
Refrigerators : Handles, Control Box, Knobs, Deodorizer, Door Caps
DVD Player : Fascia with controls
PCM (Phase Change Material) - Cold Chain Refrigerants
DLJM has partenered with PCP Australia for PCM products.
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PCM-Cold Chain Refrigerants are made from a material called Phase Change Material. These have been designed to change state at specified temperatures.
PCM-Cold Chain Refrigerants are ideal for stabilizing temperatures in insulated shippers.  Our Ice, Cold, Cool, Warm and Incubation packs are energy efficient & sustainable. They provide precise temperature control.  They are used for transport and storage of temperature sensitive, bio-pharmaceutical and life science products as well as for seafood, wine, frozen foods, dairy products, meats, and any other goods that require temperature control.
  • Non-toxic
  • High thermal energy storage capacity
  • Sharp phase-change temperature
  • Lessor quantities required when compared to gels
  • Ecological, reusable & recyclable
  • Cost effective
  • Stable for 1000’s of cycles
  • Safe alternative to dry-ice
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Refrigerated Warehouse & Transportation
  • Temperature Controlled Warehouses & Transportation     
  • Life science/Biologics Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Dairy Products Packaging
  • Frozen & Refrigerated Food Packaging
  • Homeopathic Products Packaging
  • Meat/Poultry/Sea Food Product Packaging Wine Packaging
Industrial Parts
We also cater to specialized of moulded parts and assemblies for Railways, Instrumentation, Lighting and Telecom Industry where precision tooling and moulding to exacting standards is rather critical.
  • Locomotive Coach parts
  • Valve Assy
  • Electrical Circuit Breaker parts
  • Energy Meter Housings
  • Telecom parts
  • Solar Torch parts
  • PCM Profiles.
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